Sara Hauber, MA

Twenty years after experiencing traumatic spine surgery to correct severe scoliosis, Sara Hauber, MA, is a certified wellness coach, back-pain specialist, yoga teacher, cyclist, and expert fitness trainer specializing in musculoskeletal health. But she never would have achieved any of those things if she’d listened to her doctors.

Sara HauberDon’t lift heavy things,” they said.
Be careful not to play any sports in which you could hurt your back,” they warned.
Walking is probably your best exercise,” they offered.

But immediately after surgery, and the horrific pain and recovery that ensued, Sara decided that wasn’t enough.

“I wanted to get strong. I wanted to know my body. I had felt betrayed by it ever since age 11, when a nurse at school found my spinal curve. The next 6 years of my life were spent in and out of specialists’ offices. ‘You can’t play sports; you likely have a heart defect; we need to do more tests; you need to wear a back brace; don’t do this; don’t do that.’

The medical establishment taught me to fear my body, to battle against its apparent ill-will by trying to contain it with some flimsy brace and extreme precautionary measures. Never once did they help me understand how I could help adjust my spinal curve with movement and strength training. Never once did they tell me how I could exercise my heart muscles to make those stronger, too. They acted as though my body was here to make my life hell, and I believed them.”

But once out of surgery, clarity came. Sara was struck with the notion that she had survived that massive trauma—and maybe her body wasn’t out to get her after all.

“And that was the moment I knew: I wanted to learn about this amazing thing that was keeping me alive to see another day, and I wanted to help it do its job the best I could. Hunks of metal in my back? Who cares: I was going to love my body and let it have some fun in this life.”

Twenty years later, Sara is helping people just like you do the same. Some face even bigger obstacles than Sara did, but all of them emerge after working with Sara as empowered individuals capable of not only eliminating physical pain and honoring their bodies’ needs, but downright loving their bodies and all of the incredible things of which they are capable.

“I see so many people in confusion and pain, struggling incessantly against perceived obstacles to their success, thinking their pain is inevitable. But I am living proof that you can do whatever you want with your body and it doesn’t have to be in pain—you just have to learn how to work with the system as it is designed. That’s what I have done, that’s how I have succeeded, and that is what I teach. It’s an incredibly empowering process that excites me to this day.”

Read about Sara’s proven system for core training and back-pain relief and find out where she’s teaching her signature workshops and classes.

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