Yoga for Healing Physical and Emotional Pain

For direct healing of chronic back pain, nothing beats The Hauber MethodTM. But another important gift Sara wants to share with you is the love, presence, and support she brings to her students in her yoga classes and private yoga instruction in the Triangle area of NC and occasionally in Chicago.

As someone who intimately understands physical limitations—and the fear that usually accompanies such things—Sara tends to attract beginning students and those with physical bodies that appear different from the “norm.” (Pregnant women, please see Sara’s Prenatal Exercise Training for practice designed specifically for you!) She absolutely loves to open the world of yoga to anyone willing to express curiosity, learn, and try new things. You should feel comfortable with Sara’s teaching even if:

  • You have never tried a yoga class, or even attempted a single pose
  • You don’t have a clue what meditation is or how to engage in it
  • You are super stressed and just looking for a way to finally calm down
  • You understand the physical side of yoga (the asanas), but want to deepen your practice to include meditation and pranayama (breathing)
  • You have frequent or chronic back or knee pain and are looking for lasting relief by natural means.

Sara accomplishes something I personally love in a yoga class. With her soft confidence, voice, pace, and focus, Sara succeeds in humbly inviting students to surrender and be held through class. Class with Sara is like being led through a guided meditation. —Alexandra M.

The majority of Sara’s yoga teaching now takes place during her workshops and private instruction, although she does teach an occasional spontaneous karma class.

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