Prenatal yoga is not enough!

Yoga is an incredible gift if you are looking to feel better and improve your outlook on the world and your self. But to effectively prepare your body to support pregnancy, delivery, and nursing your new baby, you need more. You need strength. (See my blog post about prenatal yoga here.)

Without proper strength exercise, a woman’s pregnant (and post-delivery) body does not have the ability to easily bounce back from the myriad hormonal and structural changes it undergoes while preparing for childbirth. Muscular imbalance, and the requisite joint pain that go with it, are pretty much guaranteed.

I’ve offered prenatal exercise training to my fitness clients and yoga students for more than a decade. Using only simple tools (like elastic exercise tubing and a padded floor mat), I help soon-to-be moms learn the perfect at-home routines to help them

  • ward off painful muscular imbalances
  • prepare their bodies to support pregnancy, delivery, and the demands required of a new mom (e.g., nursing, carrying, lifting, and standing/walking with baby)
  • strengthen the muscles required for lifting, carrying, feeding, and playing with their new infant safely and without risk of injury.

You already know you’re going to be sleep deprived once you deliver your bundle of joy.
You don’t need to be in physical pain, too!

Contact Sara today for your free consultation, and learn how you can participate in 1-on-1 training sessions via Skype. You can also promote Sara’s prenatal exercise workshops to your favorite yoga studio: Her lessons go hand in hand with most prenatal yoga classes.

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